Daith Piercing Drama

Well, I thought everything was going well with my daith piercing. I was cleaning it twice a day with a salt water soak, and it was not paining me or anything. Then one morning about a week later I woke up to what I thought was blood in my ear. It was actually the top metal ball that had fallen off, and it was sitting in my ear. Once I got to a mirror and realized what was going on I tried to push the bar up so it wouldn’t fall out. It slipped right through before I could stop it. My coworker helped me put the bar back in later on that day. I tried to find a hoop kind to put in the piercing so I wouldn’t have to worry about the ball falling off again. Unfortunately, I did not account for the swelling, and I got one that was too small. Anyway, I decided to stick it out with the bar just in there the opposite way. I didn’t want anyone messing around with the piercing anymore for a bit.

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