Interpretive Illustration–Cubist Photobash

I learnt how to do a photomerge in photoshop last week in Interpretive Illustration class. I am so glad that photoshop has that feature. I used to use an old version of photoshop elements, and when I had larger images that I wanted to convert into psds to work on it was a lot of work trying to piece the image together. The object of this exercise was to do a “Cubist Photobash”, and to not blend the images together. I took a bunch of photos of my cup of hot chocolate, and I took the pictures at intervals after some of the drink was gone. It didn’t quite turn out how I thought it would. I thought maybe it would show the pictures where the marshmallows had disappeared, but it didn’t do that for some reason. We were to turn the photobash into an ad of sorts if we could. I made mine an ad for fall. I think maybe I could have changed up the colours with some of my text, but when I did try that to make it more legible it made it worse instead. Thus, I decided to leave it as is. 

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