Interpretive Illustration-Expressionist Caricature

So for one of my Interpretive Illustration class assignments we were supposed to do a celebrity caricature in an Expressionist style. I choose the Canadian singer Lights. I have never done a caricature before so… I knew it might not look like her at all in the end, but hey, it is Expressionist it doesn’t need to stay looking like her I guess. Hah….ha.. I choose to go with really bright fun colours because I myself like these colours, but also, Lights has used these colours in her music videos for her album colour schemes. When she first started out she used yellow and purple a lot and some pink. Now in some of her photo shoots she had oranges and pinks. I have always loved her music, and when she started out it really seemed to have a dreamy quality to it I thought. Her style was electropop/synth, and I believe her last album was rock/electropop. Anyway, her music is a lot of fun, and I never get bored of listening to her songs. 

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