Interpretive Illustration–More drawing exercises

Last week in our first Interpretive Illustration class we explored Expressionism. We did different drawing exercises to explore it, and to help us work in different styles. We had to draw a photo that was upside down, drew with curved lines only, drew with straight lines only, and we drew to two different timed phrases. For the next part of our assignment I was to take a piece from my current portfolio and redraw it using the different exercises that we had done in class. I ended up using a metronome vid on youtube for my timed ones. They are the loosest drawings that came out of this exercise. My other ones are still pretty tight.

The first piece here is my original piece. I used this in my submission portfolio to the school.This one here I drew using straight lines only.
This piece was drawn using curved lines only. It was really fun to explore how each exercise changed the style, and how certain aspects of the piece had to be adjusted more than others.
This one was with the timed metronome. I had to move pretty fast and loose. This last one I feel is even looser. I drew with a lot of unconnected strokes. The metronome I picked went even faster than the other one. I think this one turned out to be the most Expressionistic out of all of them. 

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