Interpretive Illustration–Painting to music

For this week’s interpretive illustration class we had to do some digital painting exercises. We played around with brushes and colours in photoshop, and we did some digital paintings to music. The goal was to change the brushes and music up with each song while painting what we felt to the music. I have been trying out a lot of different brushes this week. One of the teachers mentioned that clip paint studio is a really good program for painting digitally with brushes and other effects. I am still relatively new to the world of digital painting so any tips or info I am very glad for. 😀 I need all the help that I can get. Hah… Anyway, these were fun little exercises. Of all the ones that we did we had to pick three to put up on our laptop screens for other students to check out. It was very interesting to see everyone’s completed pieces. The images below are my three picks from the ones that I did today. 

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