Interpretive Illustration-Portfolio Makeover

This assignment is due next week. We had to take a piece of work from our current portfolio and do two other versions of it. We had to choose between Expressionism, Cubism, Realism, and Surrealism. I went for Expressionism and Cubism. I picked them because even if they were out of my comfort zone I knew that I could have fun with the colours.

I chose to work with this piece again. I thought it would be fun to do more versions of it. I really had a good time doing the curved lines only version and the straight lines only version previously. This is the original one again. I had drawn this earlier in the year, and I used coloured pencil for it.


For the second one I went with Expressionism. I looked up the styles that I went with, and for this one I was inspired by Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” painting. I wanted to keep it loose. I tried out different brushes for texture. I ended up using a foliage brush, a pastel brush, an oil blender brush, and a screen tone brush. I feel like this one has a lot of energy compared to the original piece. Plus, colour makes a big difference to. I used some overlay and multiply layers as well.
The last is in Cubism style, and I went into the more extreme side of it. I did quite a bit of sketching at first and moved all the parts around. It took a bit, but once I got into it I had a lot of fun. The instructors showed me how to add patterns to the layers too. I am still learning a lot in photoshop, and there always seems to be a hidden menu somewhere. Sometimes even a hidden menu within a menu within a menu. Anyway, I added different patterns to this, and used my brush to create some texture as well. I went with complementary colours in the final. At first I had a lot of black on this, and the instructors advised that I change it because it was coming off as a bit harsh. I definitely prefer it with the green. Sometimes I kind of forget that black can be too strong. I am going to try to keep that in mind as I work on other projects, but for some classes like environment where we are learning technical perspective we are expected to let the line speak for itself. It just depends on what your subject matter is.

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