Moving update

I am mostly moved in to the new place now. I have my art station set up, and my room is partially completed. Now I am down to all the smaller items. My neighbour and one of my nephews helped me move my bigger items like my art desk. I really appreciated the help. They were not really heavy items. They were just awkward.

I like my new art space. I am going to post a couple of pictures of the place once I get down there again. I am at home right now because I still have a few shifts left to work at my retail job. I am going to attempt to keep working at my art teaching job for the length of time I am in school. Although I know I may not be able to keep up with both I am going to give it a shot. With my teaching job I have more flexibility with my shifts, and I do have a minimum number of classes that I have to teach each month, but I can pick the days and times. We shall see how it goes.

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