New Years Day: January 2018

A new day a new beginning. I thought that such a cheesy line would be perfect for my first post on my new website/blog. I am very excited. I have wanted to start blogging for quite some time now. I have finally set up my new site, and I am ready to go.

To everyone reading this I say hello! My name is Shantel Bell, and I am an eternal student of the visual arts. I love to draw and paint. I have posted a gallery page on this site, and I am currently on FB and instagram as Oh For the Love of Art. I also have a tumblr under the same name, but I have not updated that in quite some time. I do have a great music tag on there though if you ever need some good tunes to listen to. Also, I have a deviantart art account under xxsongofstormsxx. I have been wandering around the internet since I first discovered and neopets. This is not my first foray into creating my own site either. Once I had to make one for a college assignment, and another time I had tried on my own. They did not turn out that great in my opinion. I am hoping that I can keep up with regular updates on this site and my blog, and I hope to keep it looking good. 😉

Let’s go 2018!

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