Writing Challenge

I am afraid that I may run out of things to write about before long if I am not careful. I have suffered from art block before, and I do not want to have writer’s block when I do not even write much yet. My friend and I were working on tackling a 30-day writing challenge before Christmas. I think I managed to get three or four of the subjects on the list completed before the holidays. I haven’t gone back to the list yet though. I have decided I might as well start posting my completed pieces on here. Some of them will end up barely being a paragraph, but I think it will still help me get better. The challenge was to complete one writing project a day from the list, but we adjusted it to one a week to fit in to our schedules more. I think I may try to aim for doing more than one a week we shall see how it goes. I do not want to over do it and not complete it. I would rather set myself up for a goal I know that I can keep right now.




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